Although we just released DICOMUX version 0.1 we already have a lot of features:

  • Easy to use graphical User Interface without any popups
  • support for multiple language (currently English and German)

  • DICOM ECG Waveform
    • DICOMUX is able to present the ECG waveform data of
      a DICOM file.
    • Support of general ECG Waveforms (3, 6, 12, 15 Leads )
      as well as 12 Lead ECG Waveform
    • Support of different display formats for 12 Lead ECG Waveform:
      • 1x10 Seconds
      • 4x2.5 Seconds
      • 4x2.5 Seconds with additional rhythm strip
      • 5x2.0 Seconds
    • Display the minimum and maximum of each Lead
    • Ability to zoom into the Waveform to see even the tiniest
      change in the amplitude
    • Drag the mouse over a lead and see the position in
      mV and Seconds

  • DICOM Encapsulated PDF
    • display the encapsulated PDF
    • ability to zoom into the pdf

  • DICOM Directory (experimental)
    • open a whole DICOM Directory and show the containing Data
    • Ability to choose the wanted study or series

  • DICOM Data
    • show the raw DICOM data in a tree view
    • Ability to see each DICOM Element in a detailed view
    • Ability to extract these details into a separate file

  • Patient Data
    • see the important patient data at a glance